Walk-eez provides more than "just a walk" for more than "just my dogs"!
As much as I love my dogs, Jeremy has the same care and attention, always wanting them to have a great walk and one of interest - come rain or shine, snow too! And with a variety of destinations and swimming on tap when available - Labrador heaven!
They all love their time with Jeremy and I know they are exercised appropriately and return home contented, happy and dog tired!! - He knows their personalities as he knows his own, Molly with her ball, Matty who is happy to trot along behind, Rosie who is just a pickle and Monty who loves all other two or four legged friends!
He collects and delivers the 4 Musketeers on time and always ensures they don't cover the kitchen in dirt if it's a muddy or wet day! They moan and whine as he arrives with just sheer excitement and bring him toys to say a warm hello, and can hardly bring themselves to leave him as he delivers them home, always ready for the next episode of fun!
The best thing I can say is that there are many dog walking facilities / businesses who make promises to walk, care for and provide exercise for our dogs, but there is no other than Jeremy and Walk-eez that provide this service as if they are his own 4 legged friends, with the love and passion that I know is equal only to my own.

We all thank you, Meriel (mum to Matty, Molly, Monty and Rosie xxxx)

I first used Walk-eez when I was on holiday last year. It was so lovely to know that, whilst my daughter was staying at the house (she works full-time), Betty was getting a nice long walk every day. Jeremy was fantastic and made sure to post little videos and pictures on facebook and also sent me a little text update each day. After this I decided to keep using the service once a week, as Betty can be very submissive and nervous around other dogs she really benefits from the socialisation and has lots of fun.

Both Jeremy and Trina are brilliant and Betty clearly loves being with them.

From Suzanne (mum to Betty)

Buster and Harry are our babies and we are so lucky to have Trina and Jeremy to help us keep them fit and happy. We know they love our boys and take great care of them. Thank you! 


From Emma (mum to Buster & Harry)

"We love Trina. We know we can test her patience with our antics but she never ever gets tired and we have loads of fun everyday!"


From Buster and Harry!  


Our Springer Millie suffers from Epilepsy, and although it has been an uncertain and upsetting time adjusting to the illness and all the challenges it brings, it has been made immeasurably easier to know that she is in such caring and safe hands.
Due to a job that has variable shift work that often changes at the last minute, I am frequently forced change dog walking plans. I have always found Jeremy & Trina to be extremely understanding and accommodating.
Millie loves spending time with Walk-eez and the gang and this is evidenced by the various videos that get posted on Facebook…... usually whilst I'm still at work.
Happy to be contacted if further references should be required

From Tom (Dad to Millie)

If you are looking for an honest reliable and genuinely dog loving dog walker you will not find better people than Trina and Jeremy to entrust your dogs to. My Newfoundland and Cocker Spaniel LOVE their regular walkies with them and the other dogs and they LOVE Trina and Jeremy.

From Louise (mum to Sox & Milly)



“Having recommended Walk-eez to many people who have bought pups from us, or bought pups by our stud dogs, in the Surrey area, can I say how much hugely positive feedback we have received, and how happy we are to continue to highly recommend you! "


Di and Allan - Wylanbriar Labradors


Since spending time with Trina and Jeremy my dog Megan has been transformed.  She is no longer shy and overweight, but is trimmer, healthier and so much happier.  Her Cushings Disease is now much more under control due to her walks, so much so that she now only needs to see the vet every 6 months rather than every 3 months as before. Every morning she will wait to hear the front door open ready for her daily social outing.


Walk –eez have been a tremendous find.  I would recommend them to any dog owner without reservation!


I think you are brilliant and Megs does too!  How grumpy does she get when you go on holiday!


Debs (Mum to Little Megan the Scottie)


“I don’t have a care in the world when Trina is looking after me.”


(Tango is a diabetic cat who needs regular insulin injections, which we are happy to administer)    


 “Thanks Trina, it’s lovely not to worry about the animals while I am away!”


Sally (Mum to Tango and Mina the cats!)


“I have wanted a dog for many years and did not think it was possible – Trina and Jeremy have helped turn a dream into a reality by looking after my dog whilst I work and they, like her, have transformed my life in a very positive way. Along with the absolute assurance that she will be cared for she has benefited hugely from the socialisation with other dogs and the training by Trina and Jeremy – if anyone has ever denied themselves from letting a dog in to their life think again -  it is possible.”


Hilary (Mum to Leela the Tibetan Terrier)


Trina has been walking and pet sitting for Domino and Katie for over a year.  They love their walks with Trina and get very excited when she comes round to see them.She has been extremely reliable, trustworthy, and helped us out at very short notice.   Most importantly however, she clearly loves our dogs and takes them on varied and exciting walks, returning them tired but happy.We were very careful to look for the right dog walker and have complete trust that they are in very capable hands when out with Trina.


Sue and Richard (Mum and Dad to Domino the Black lab, Katie the Collie cross)


“I feel so rotten on the days you don’t come, Annie keeps jumping up every time she hears a car bless her and I feel guilty!"


Nicki (Mum to Annie the yellow Lab and Tabitha)


This is Patita speaking – “ I just wanted to let you know that I and my little sister Gertie are very happy to be part of your "gang" for over a year. We enjoy every day, as it is not just the wonderful walks we get (and they are very proper walks), but also the fun and play time we usually have together.

You are very lucky with your Human (Trina).  Although I quite like mine, yours is a real dog person and speaks "our" language very well (actually much better than my Human!). This has helped Gertie a lot to become a halfway decent member of the canine society. Before Trina took over, Gertie was a yob. She still has it a bit in her when she pushes me out of the way, storming down the stairs to make sure she greets you first.

Gertie and I just wanted to let you know that we always like to share our bones and toys and even food with you. Happy and Brogie, you are our best friends and we hope that we will have many more lovely walks, games and adventures together.”


Best licks and wags, Patita … and many 'barks' from me, Gertie!

                                                                                                                                                  Marion  (Mum to Patita the Spanish Podenco and Gertie the Lurcher)


“Trina remains our English Springer Spaniel's best friend in the whole world. Lola loves her family, but she turns cartwheels when Trina arrives at the door. The promise of fine walks and the company of a couple of wonderful labs fills Lola with unbridled joy. She has been particularly delighted when Trina house-sits. As have our cats. And because of this, and her willingness to try to fit in with our sometimes awkward needs, we love Trina too (and Jeremy and Happy and Brogan!) She keeps us updated with texts – and sometimes photos too – while we are away so that having a break comes with peace of mind about our beloved beasts. We thoroughly recommend Walk-eez.”


Paul and Claire (Dad and Mum to Lola the Springer Spaniel, Star and Arnie)


“Walk-eez have not only been a tremendous help when I have not been able to walk my three dogs but in being so friendly, helpful and professional you can't help feel happy in the knowledge that your dogs are being so well looked after.   I try to give Trina as much notice as possible and she always manages to fit walking my dogs into her schedule whenever I have needed her to.  Trina has also house sat for us, and our dogs and the house could not have been in better hands.  She has even fed the fish, birds, hamsters and guinea pigs for us, not to mention putting the latter out every day in their run. We have full confidence in Trina and Jeremy and I know our three dogs love playing with Happy and Brogan.  I can fully recommend Trina and Walk-eez to anyone looking for any of the services offered.”


Rebecca (Mum to Millie, Albert and Bobby the Bassets, numerous animals and owner of the Dorking Pet Centre!)


“A very big ‘Thank you’ Walk-eez Trina and Jeremy! Maisie is always so excited to see you, and has lots of fun on the adventures you take her on.  From an owners perspective, you couldn’t be more helpful and reliable. What would we do without you!”


Will (Dad to little Maisie the Dachsie)


"I have been using Trina and Jeremy to regularly walk my dogs and occasionally house and pet sit over the last year.  I have found them to be totally trustworthy, reliable, flexible and capable in their care of our pets. I love the fact the dogs clearly have so much fun when they are with them, I couldn't ask for better care."


Louise (Mum to Sox the Newfie, Jess the Cocker Spaniel and Cat... the cat!)


Trina & Jeremy offer a great professional service at a reasonable price.  Our dog loves his outings - somewhere different every day - and now has a better social life than us!  And while Max is being walked during the day I can concentrate on work.  We would have no hesitation in recommending Walk-eez".

Max's mum  (Mum to Max the Collie X)


Trina and Jeremy have looked after Khaya since she was 12 weeks old and have been brilliant knowing exactly what she needs and progressing her walks and socialisation. Khaya loves her time with Walk-eez and we have found Trina and Jeremy to be so professional always keeping us informed of what Khaya has been up to, even video footage of her walks. Walk-eez are so flexible which we have found invaluable when my husband works shifts and they are often changed at less than 24 hours notice. Trina has a wealth of knowledge and information that she is always happy to share. I know Khaya believes that Trina, Jeremy, Happy and Brogie are certainly members of her family!


Sarah and David (Mum and Dad to Khaya the Hungarian Vizsla)



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