Upset Stomachs

Most of our lovely dogs will eat something  they shouldn’t at one time or another, or pick up some low grade bug causing them to have a tummy upset with sickness and/or diarrhoea.  These things CAN pass in a couple of days and bearing in mind that your dog still seems ok in themselves and is  showing no other symptoms, then we just wanted to share a few little tips that we follow when one of ours (usually Happy as does eat EVERYTHING!) has an upset tum.  This information is intended for adult healthy dogs only.


  •  Always have plenty of FRESH water and encourage drinking, I sometimes melt a little honey in warm water then top up with cool water, they like the taste and it makes them drink more.


  •  Starve for 24hrs, this lets the tummy empty, leaving nothing in there for the ‘bug’ to work on. This means, no treats, no biscuits etc... Its really hard to do, especially when you’re being given the ‘eye’ but resist!


  • The next meal you give after starving,  make a light one.  We usually split the meals and give 3 during the day, small meals  (about fist size is a good guide) comprising of white fish/rice/scrambled egg (made with NO milk) any combination of these.  The last meal of the 3 add a sprinkling of their usual food (in our case a complete biscuit - Arden Grange).


  • The next day if everything is looking like it’s getting back to normal then I will give a smaller than normal portion of their usual diet and then increase again for their next meal until they are back to full amount.


  • Also keep in stock Pro-Kolin, this is a kaolin based paste that you can buy from your vet or any of the many animal product websites.  You do not need a prescription for this.  We give this 3 times a day for the first day and then reassess how they are as to whether we carry on for further days.


  • We also give our girls a dessert spoonful of low fat probiotic yoghurt every day to help keep their tummy healthy, if you don’t normally, then try adding it


This usually works for us and gets them back to normal within 48hrs. 


Now I have to stress, I am NOT a vet, so please do not take this as gospel. This is only intended if your pet still seems bright, has no blood in their stools or are vomiting blood and have no other serious symptoms.  A small amount of blood can be normal when they have diarrhoea and have been straining, the lining of the bowel can also become inflamed due to the diarrhoea being so acidic, causing the lining to be ‘burnt’ (as it has been explained to me by a vet) thus causing what seems to be more than a normal amount of blood.


If in any doubt, at any time, then consult your vet. 


There are also other trains of thought on how to deal with upset stomachs, one being to continue feeding rather than starving and just giving smaller meals.  What works for one, works for another! 


We are just sharing what has always worked for us in the past and with Labradors who scavenge anything and everything, we’ve had lots of practice!

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